Berzelius – our background and experience


Our philosophy

We believe that the challenges facing the pharmaceutical and pharma services industries have become increasingly complex on many levels, demanding a flexible and adaptive approach.

Holistic thinking is therefore a prerequisite for developing options and solutions, and will necessarily encompass the scientific, technological and organisational dimensions relating to these industry challenges.

Pharmaceutical companies and pharma service providers also form a diverse and fascinating group. Whilst facing seemingly similar challenges, each client is unique to us and we recognise that they have specific needs resulting from their unique environments and backgrounds, facing the same rapidly evolving regulatory and technological environment as their competitors.

Relevant background experience

Berzelius personnel and affiliates have a rich experience in the scientific and technical arena and also in senior leadership positions spanning the pharmaceutical, fine and specialty chemical, polymer and automotive industries.  Our activities across these industry sectors, both as senior decision-makers and in a consultancy setting, have enriched our perspective, allowing us to offer a broad palette of tools and techniques to work with our clients in formulating holistic solutions to address their specific needs.

Our clients and stakeholders are diverse, due to their widely varying organisational and cultural environments.  Our ability to understand and adapt to these unique scenarios is a key attribute in addressing their challenges and developing targeted solutions in our areas of client activity in Europe, North America and Asia.


Leveraging the Berzelius network

Berzelius and its partners are able to draw on an extensive network of industry experts and contacts built up over many years of activity in the pharmaceutical and pharma services space.  In addition to offering a broad spread of pharmaceutical CMC, industrialisation, launch and post-launch experience, this network comprises individuals with backgrounds and insights from outside the pharma environment, including automotive and management consulting.  We believe that this diversity allows us to identify and integrate non-obvious options in the holistic solutions provided to our clients.

We are also represented on a number of advisory committees and professional bodies, in addition to having links with Scientific Update, the leading conference, training & consultancy organisation, serving the needs of the chemical development and scale-up community. 

This connectivity with other experts from industry and academia is an important feature of the Berzelius offering, being essential in keeping abreast of current thinking in our key areas of activity and in enhancing our ability to draw on diverse inputs to address our clients' needs.

John R.J. Surtees - Managing Partner

  • 30 years experience in the pharmaceutical & chemical sectors, instrumental in the development and launch of numerous commercially successful processes and products:
    • Johnson & Johnson (Janssen R&D)
    • UCB Pharma
    • Inspec Group
    • ICI Europa
    • Smith Kline & French
  • 18 years senior leadership (EU, US, Asia) of chemical process R&D activity across all phases and manufacturing of API for preclinical studies, clinical trials and pharmaceutical development
  • Strategic outsourcing of API Development & Manufacturing, with extensive experience of EU, US and Asian CDMOs, CRAMs and technology providers
  • PhD Organic Chemistry, Imperial College London
  • An avid mineral collector having a lifelong fascination with chemistry and the physical sciences
Joe Brochure 2022

Joe Tessier - Partner

  • 30 years marketing experience in the pharmaceutical & fine chemical sectors, servicing pharma, animal health and pharma service companies:
    • JHT Consulting
    • PCAS
    • Minakem
    • Sumitomo
    • Aceto
    • Wyeth
  • Extensive experience in marketing with multinational CDMOs (EU, US)
  • Project Management with multi-disciplinary teams
  • Strategic sourcing experience with direct connections to manufacturers in EU, Asia and the US
  • Experience in M&A and Joint Ventures
  • MS Organic Chemistry, Washington University

Next Steps...

Hopefully this website will have provided an initial introduction to our main areas of offering.  Our services are typically customised to the specific challenges facing our clients, and we are always available for exploratory discussions aimed at establishing areas of interaction.

Please feel free to contact us directly for more information and for an informal assessment of potential areas of support.

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