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Berzelius - high impact support for the pharmaceutical, pharma services and chemical industries

Chemical Process R&D and Industrialisation

Guiding pharmaceutical and fine chemical companies in all aspects of chemical process R&D and scale-up, through to small molecule API strategy development and implementation, including:

  • Oversight of scientific projects at all development phases
  • External partner assessment and selection
  • Initiation, oversight and governance of partnerships
  • Developing API outsourcing strategy & capability

Pharma Services and Fine Chemicals


Advising pharma service organisations (CROs, CDMOs & technology providers) and fine & specialty chemicals companies on optimising their offering and fulfilling their potential.  Partnering with industry experts to offer integrated solutions covering:

  • Positioning & strategy (technical, scientific and organisational)
  • Relationship management and governance
  • Organisational effectiveness

Mergers, Acquisitions and Product Licensing

Advice and consultancy on M&A and L&A activity in the Pharmaceutical CMC and Fine Chemical space including:

  • Due diligence support
  • Technology capability assessment
  • Plant and process-related assessments
  • Support for organisational design and post-Day 1 activities

Our Philosophy

We are active in providing customised solutions for the pharmaceutical and fine chemical sectors, adding value in bringing processes and products to the market.

Our passion for integrating science, people and organisational aspects allows us to identify holistic approaches to complex problems, drawing on functional expertise from our wide network of industry experts.

We recognise that an open-minded and eclectic approach is key to gathering all relevant inputs and data, particularly in the science and technology-driven pharmaceutical and fine chemical environments.

Each client assignment is therefore a new scenario for us, representing a new set of challenges, to be viewed with a fresh eye, and a sense of excitement.


Die Gewohnheit einer Meinung erzeugt oft die völlige Ueberzeugung von ihrer Richtigheit; sie verbirgt die schwächeren Theile davon, und macht uns unfähig, die Beweise dagegen anzunehmen.

…The habit of an opinion often leads to the complete conviction of its correctness, it conceals the weaker parts of it and makes us incapable of accepting the evidence against it.

Jöns Jakob Berzelius, Lehrbuch der Chemie, 1835 (from English translation by Carl Schorlemmer, The Rise and Development of Organic Chemistry, 1879).


Berzelius - adding value in bringing processes and products to market through our passion for integrating science, people and organisation